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Dr Vinita Gorhe,Dr.Vikas Gorhe's Women Hospital,Best Gynaecologist Nashik.

‘Best Gynaecologist’’Nashik’,Best Maternity Hospital Nashik,Best Fertility Center Nashik,Fertility Treatment,’Laproscopic Surgery’’Nashik’
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Fertility treatment
Transvaginal Sonography
Follicular monitoring
Maternity hospital Nashik
Laproscopic surgery for women

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Yesterday high risk patients delivery
Happy patient - Healthy baby

डॉ.विनीता गोऱ्हे ,डॉ.विकास गोऱ्हे -स्त्रीरोग,प्रसूती विषेषज्ञ नाशिक-प्राप्त सुविधाएं 📞- 9422245705

🟧 मेडीक्लेम / कॅशलेस सुविधा उपलब्ध 🟧

डॉ.विनीता गोऱ्हे / डॉ.विकास गोऱ्हे
समर्थ साई मॅटर्निटी सर्जिकल हॉस्पिटल
खोडे न...

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प्रसूती - प्रसूती निगडीत स्त्रीयांचे सर्व आजार / दुर्बिण शस्त्रक्रिया / फर्टिलिटी उपचार सर्व सुविधा
डॉ.विनीता गोऱ्हे / डॉ.विकास गोऱ्हे
कॉल -9422245705

Happy Patient - Smiling Faces
Successful PCOD treatment & full Nine Months Pregnancy Care till Delivery

Healthy Baby - Happy Mother
Beck to ...

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❇️ Cashless & Mediclame Facility Available ❇️

Our Speciality Medical Services in Womens Health problems —

•Laparoscopic Surgery (Obs and Gyn),
•Family Planning Operation
•Maternity Hospital
• Fertility Treatments —IVF Treatment Guidance
• IUI Treatment
• Fibroid Treatment
• Ovary Cyst Tre...

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Preconception Counselling -
गर्भधारणा पूर्व समुपदेश - काय असते हे ?

जेव्हा नवीन लग्न झालेले पती पत्नी किंवा कुठलेही पती पत्नी गर्भ धारणा ( प्रेगन्सी ) ठेवण्याचा विचार करतात त्या अगोदरच त्यांनी स्त्री रोग तज्ज्ञांशी सल्लामसलत करून त्या साठी मिळवायचे मार्गदर्शन यास गर्भधारणा पूर्व समुपदेशन म्हणता...

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Preconception Counselling -
गर्भधारणा पूर्व समुपदेश - काय असते हे ?

जेव्हा नवीन लग्न झालेले पती पत्नी किंवा कुठलेही पती पत्नी गर्भ धारणा ( प्रेगन्सी ) ठेवण्याचा विचार करतात त्या अगोदरच त्यांनी स्त्री रोग तज्ज्ञांशी सल्लामसलत करून त्या साठी मिळवायचे मार्गदर्शन यास गर्भधारणा पूर्व समुपदेशन म्हणता...

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गर्भधारणा पूर्व समुपदेशन (काउन्सेलिंग) कैसे होता है ? जान लिजिये हिन्दी भाषा में - डॉ.विकास गोऱ्हे

You tube में पूरा व्हिडिओ देखने के लिए लिंक

Preconception Counselling -

गर्भधारणा पूर्व समुपदेशन (काउन्सेलिंग)कैसे होता है ? जान लिजिये हिन्दी भाषा में - डॉ.विक...

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Happy Patient - Smiling Faces
Our Success Stories

Successful Fertility treatment at our fertility Center
Dr.Vinita Gorhe/Dr.Vikas Gorhe
#infetility ...

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a month ago
Best Fertility treatment given for my PCOD problem. After that full nine month I took pregnancy treatment till delivery Dr. Vikas Gorhe took very good care I delivered healthy baby I am very much thankful to Dr. Vikas Gorhe sir
- Poonam r
3 months ago
Hello all, My self & my wife was very much afraid due to pain becuase of ectopic pregnacy for which we went to some other hospital but we wanted best doctor so we came to Dr Vinita Gorhe & Dr.Vikas Gorhe hospital. Sir attended me immediately as emergancy case & he did sonography & other blood investigation very promtly. He explain every thing about the operation. My wifes operation was done with laproscopic surgery by Dr Vikas Gorhe.He saved the our left affected tube and removed ectopic pregnacy succefully. So we are very thankfull to him he also gave all documents and bills for my mediclaim policy reimbursement immediately after discharge.Sowe are very happy about the treatement and co operation we received. Thank you very much.
- Nitin T
a year ago
Excellent Experience With Dr.Vikas Gorhe sir .Done Operation of uterus without stiches and Cut.discharged patient on Second day walking straight and perfect.. We Went to Dr.Vikas Gorhe sir by watching his videos on you tube .which are very informative. After visiting hospital we felt very pleasant.and service and care of patients was best. Dr.Vikas Gorhe Sir .Gave all my documents and insurance claim bills . within a Week .which helped me to proceed for my claim. Thanks very much sir for your cooperation
- Shantaram T

30 Years Experience in Gynaecology

नाशिकमधील ‘सर्वोत्तम’स्त्रीरोग तज्ज्ञ’ ‘प्रसूती तज्ज्ञ’, ‘दुर्बीण शस्त्रक्रिया’तज्ज्ञ ,मुले नसलेल्या पती व पत्नी चे उपचार तज्ज्ञ  ( ‘फर्टीलिटी तज्ज्ञ डॉक्टर’ ‘नाशिक’
"Mediclaim" Facilities available with "Cashless Facility" for "Cashless Insurance Policy'  
'Dr.Vinita Gorhe'along with 'Dr Vikas Gorhe'who is 'Senior Gynaecologist' 'Laparoscopic Surgeon''Fertility Specialist' 'Maternity and Pregnancy Care specialist' Sonolography Specialist Nashik '
His Address is ‘Khode Nagar, 'Ashoka Marg Nashik' 'Ashoka Marg -Kalpataru Nagar Nashik'

He is Practicing since the last 30 years with many of his happy patients. He and his wife Dr. Vinita Gorhe has given services via Maternity Hospital.We have given treatment to many patients Successful 'Fertility treatment'for 'Getting pregnancy' 'Gynaecological surgery' like Abdominal Hysterectomy ,'Vaginal Hysterectomy' 'Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy' 'Ovary cyst'Removal operation via 'laparoscopy' 'Fibroid treatment' with medicine or removal with 'Laparoscopic surgery' 'Myomectomy Operation' 'Ectopic pregnancy' Operation by 'laparoscopy' 'Hysteroscopy'and 'laparoscopy'We have Excellent facilities of 'Normal Delivery'
'Single stitch Caesarean Operations'
'Govt. Approved Abortion services'bellow 10 weeks.‘Fertility Centre’, -“Ovulation induction”treatment, 'Intrauterine uterine insemination' 'IUI' Treatment 'IVF'Treatment'Guidance.
We Are Having Facilities of  Mediclaim and Cashless insurance policy .
( 'Gynaecologist'are specialists who specialize in the female reproductive system. They perform a variety of tests and exams focused on women's health. 'Gynaecologist'treat health issues related to women
Dr.Vikas Gorhe has done MBBS & MD with First Class with extraordinary marks from Gov. Medical College BJ medical College Pune Way back in 1992.Since last 30 years he is doing private practice as a Consultant 'Gynaecologist'
Fertility specialist' 'Best Gyanec' 'Laparoscopic Surgeon' 'Sonography'specialist in 'Gynaecology'He is the 'Best Gynaecologist Nashik'and also has many loyal patients.He is a 'Renowned gynaecologist Nashik' & 'Top Gynaecologist of Nashik'with 30 years of experience in “Gynec” Field.Most 'Experienced Gynaecologist Nashik'with this experience he did his Fellowship ship in‘'Gynaecological Laparoscopic Surgery'at Cochin in 2005 and started Advanced 'Gynaecological Laparoscopic surgery at 'Nashik' amongst the few of that time. Till date done Maximum Number Gynaecological Operation without much stitches and cuts on tummy ie abdomen.So that Patients get benefit of Minimal Invasive Surgery and Go to work early.Many testimonials of his satisfied patients are available on his -Facebook page -Dr Vikas Gorhe Fertility Specialist.Or website .His“fertility treatment”consist “Laparoscopy” and 'Hysteroscopy' 'Follicle monitoring sonography 'for 'Fertility treatment' 'IUI Treatment' 'Male infertility'and 'female infertility'Many Patients 'get pregnant'and are blessed with a child.He is having special interest in Handling High Risk Pregnancy Patients. He gives maximum Trial to all delivery patients for 'Normal Vaginal Delivery'If required his hospital is geared with well equipped Operation theatre for 'Cesarean Operation'All Major 'Gynaecological surgery' 'Laparoscopic surgery'for 'Removal of Uterus' 'PCOD treatment' by medicine as well as by laparoscopy He is expert and Top most 'Vaginal surgeon' for stich less 'Vaginal Hysterectomy'Operation in Nashik .His wife Dr Vinita Gorhe helps him in serving all the female patients at the time of all Gynaecological procedures.He has done ✅ Diploma in 'Laparoscopic Surgery'in Germany 2006. He has also been trained In “fertility sonography” And 'Pregnancy sonography''Doppler sonography'for “high Risk Pregnancy” Patients. He is invited as Teaching faculty for many National conferences of Gynaecologist all over India.he is one the ‘Top 10 Ten Gynaecologist in Nashik’ He was President of Nashik Obstetrics and Gynaecological society in 2017-18.Secretary in 2003 and arranged surgical workshops and Conferences. On “Gynaecological Laparoscopic surgery'and 'Non Descent Vaginal Hysterectomy'operation.for the last 30 years he has been working as 'Gynaecologist'and 'Fertility specialist' in "Nashik'"he has taken 'Intrauterine Insemination Treatment' training at Embryology Academy for research and training in Mumbai.He has Done FOGSI Advanced 'infertility Treatment'Course at Valsad Gujarat .he is regularly doing 'Intrauterine insemination treatment' in "Nashik" 'Fertility Centre'Facilities-'Best Fertility treatment in Nashik' 'Fertility centre' 'Fertility doctor near' 'Fertility clinic' 'Intrauterine insemination treatment in Nashik' 'Intrauterine insemination treatment near' 'IUI treatment in Nashik' 'Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy'for 'fertility treatment' 'Best Maternity hospital' & care, 'Laparoscopic surgery of uterus' 'Fibroid treatment' 'Fertility treatment for childless couple'. 'Ovary cyst treatment'He is 'Best Gynec' in Nashik .
Facilities -
 'अपत्य नसलेले स्त्री व पुरुष साठी चे उपचार "स्त्रीबीज वाढी साठी चे उपचार . स्त्रीयांच्या दुर्बिण तपासणी . कृत्रिम गर्भधारणा उपचार ( IUI ). शुक्र जंतु कमी असणारे समस्या उपचार
 Fertility Treatment - Male Sperm Problems ,Male infertility , Female infertility ,Low Egg formation - Ovulation induction . Laproscopy and Hysteroscopy for fertility treatment .  Follicular Monitoring sonography for fertility treatment . Low Sperm Count in Males Intrauterine insemination treatment IUI treatment in Nashik .IUI treatment. 
१ - महिलांची मासीक पाळीची समस्या Menstrual Bleeding Problems 
२-- महिलांना पांढरा पदर जाणे White Discharge,Leukorrhea 
३- महिलांची पोट दुखी व कंबर दुखी Womens Lower Abdominal Plain 
४- महिलांना भेडसावणारी थायरॉईड समस्या . Thyroid Problems 
५ - स्थूलता व मासीक पाळीत अनियमितता. Obesity, Overweight Problem in Females ६ -फायब्रोईड च्या गाठींचा त्रास Womens Fibroid Uterus Problem
 ७ - अपत्य किंवा मुले होण्यास अडचणी गर्भ विषयक समस्या Infertility Problem
 ८- प्रसुती निगडित समस्या Pregnancy Related Problems & Special Delivery Package 
९-रक्त कमी असणे किंवा थकवा जाणविने. Anaemia 
१० - महिलांनचे स्थनातील गाठी व समस्या Womens Breast Diseases 
११ Adolesent Girl Problem 
१२ - PCOD समस्या 
१३ - दुर्बिण उपचार व ऑपरेशन Laproscopy & Hysteroscopy Operation 
१४- कृत्रिम गर्भधारणा
'Gynaecologist Pathardi Phata Nashik' 'Gynaecologist Indira Nagar Nashik' 'Maternity Hospital Indiranagar Nashik' 'Gynaecologist.Best Maternity hospital in Nashik' 'Best Ladies specialist doctor' 'Best lady Gynaecologist in Nashik' 'Best Gynaecologist Ashoka Marg Nashik'
'Top Gynaecologist in Nashik'
Best gynaecologist Nashik road ,Nashik
Best Gynaecologist Upnagar Nashik .
Best Maternity Hospital Near Ashoka Marg Nashik .
Best Maternity Hospital Near Gandhinagar Nashik
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